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On Personal Development

Relationship Killer Number 1


Relationship Killer Number 2

Relationship Killer Number 3

Brief Introduction to Johannes Kieding, LCSW -- Why I Became a Psychotherapist

Common Denominators of Successful Psychotherapy

What to Look for in a Therapist

Relationship Struggles, Blocked Emotions, and a way Towards Freedom

Brief discussion on Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Johannes Kieding, LCSW: Values, Therapeutic Outlook

For Therapists: Fundamentals of ISTDP, in-service talk to a mind-body class at the University of Rochester, NY

For Therapists: An Animated video for the ISTDP student: What you Cannot Learn from Reading a Book

For Therapists: An Animated video on Learning how to Become a Psychotherapist 

For Therapists: An Animated Video on How to address the Defense of 'Sitting on the Fence'

For Therapists: An Animated video introducing ISTDP informed Couples Therapy

For Therapists: Working with the Omnipotent Transference

For Therapists: Introduction to Psychotherapy Enhancement Training Services

For Therapists: Power Point Presentation on ISTDP

For therapists: Basic Overview of ISTDP

For Therapists: Outlook, philosophy, and key concepts of ISTDP

For Therapists: ISTDP and Diagnosis 

For Therapists: Not Forcing an Intrapsychic Focus

For Therapists: Barriers to Loving our clients and Enjoying our work

For therapists: Review and Microanalysis, an ISTDP-informed Case Presentation